Randall Pierce

Randall has served as the church’s full-time Sexton since 2006. When he’s not inside cleaning and maintaining the beautiful historic buildings, he’s outside trimming and landscaping the church grounds adjacent to Hot Springs Creek and historic downtown Hot Springs. In addition to working on Sundays, he assists the Fellowship Committee in the preparation and clean-up of the monthly Wednesday Family Night Suppers. Randall is skilled in repairing and replacing items around the church and works closely with the Building and Grounds Committee as they approve scheduled maintenance projects.

Yasmin Martin
Communications Coordinator

Whether you call, e-mail, or simply drop by, Yasmin Martin likely will be the first person you meet at First Presbyterian Church. She has served as the church’s Communications Coordinator since 2008. As her title indicates, she is responsible for all scheduling, print and media publications, and building-use activities. She maintains the membership rolls and statistical records and keeps the church’s data base current and accessible. Whether you’re a member, a vendor, or a first-time visitor, Yasmin gives you a warm welcome and provides whatever you need quickly and efficiently.

Jessica Rowton

Financial Secretary